• Collaborative Drawings


    Collaboration opens new perspectives. This collection of work is the result of collaborative sessions with two artists.  The most recent was with  painter Kelli Scott Kelley in 2012.  The second was with John Byrd a decade ago.

  • American Dream

    I conceived the work American Dream as an attempt to pose an optimistic, connected vision of our shared humanity. The popsicles are riffs on Disney World’s Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Pops. Having wondered why these ice cream treats couldn’t be more reflective of the overall American population (celebrating our similarities […]

  • Bittersweet

    I think of my best work as creating an opening or clearing a path for what is heartfelt and poetic in the ordinary to come through. Yet, I know too that latent within the ordinary are bittersweet and paradoxical feelings that betray these simple sentiments. Sweetness and pleasure felt in […]

  • Kin and Kind

    Kin and Kind Last Fall while visiting the Baton Rouge Zoo I came upon a small primate nursing her baby. A new mother myself, I was immediately struck by the familiar gesture and tenderness expressed. In that moment, I felt both part of a specific lineage- as well as aware […]

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