WIth Elegy, shadows and tones in glaze become metaphors: Reflective, preserving, absorbing, precious, beautiful or melancholy and sad.


Baton Rouge Gallery, LA
Dubhe Carreno Gallery, Chicago



elegy n. pl (el.e.gy)
1) a mournful, melancholy or plaintive poem
2) poetry or a poem written in elegiac meter.
3) a sad or mournful musical composition

If you have eaten ice cream, marveled at a monkey, played with a doll, drawn a heart, or written a secret note on blue lined notebook paper, we have something in common, at least on the surface.

I think of my best work as creating an opening or clearing a path for what is heartfelt and poetic in the ordinary to come through. Yet, I know too that latent within the ordinary are bittersweet and paradoxical feelings that betray these simple sentiments. Sweetness and pleasure felt in seeing or recalling certain objects or experiences often intermingles with feelings of sadness, loss and regret.

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