Kin and Kind

Kin and Kind re-examines older themes in my work while drawing a new focus on my often-explored primate imagery.


Red Lodge Gallery, Red Lodge, MT
Baton Rouge Gallery, Baton Rouge, LA
LSU Museum of Art, Baton Rouge, LA



Kin and Kind

Last Fall while visiting the Baton Rouge Zoo I came upon a small primate nursing her baby. A new mother myself, I was immediately struck by the familiar gesture and tenderness expressed. In that moment, I felt both part of a specific lineage- as well as aware of my relationship to a more diverse array of creatures and things. These notions became compelling for me to explore. We exist in relationship. A certain empathy arises in me when I contemplate being “in relation to”.

Pieces such as Kind, the Primate works and Silverback were created around the themes begun at my zoo visit; themes of Kinship, my approach with these works plays with both real and very unreal images of primates, as Silverback is a direct, scale copy of my daughters favorite stuffed toy monkey. I am trying to delve into the more poetic aspects of Kinship by questioning the ways we encounter it in our daily lives.

I am aware while I create that the literalness or obviousness of my imagery may be viewed as too simple, or as too literal a device for drawing the viewer in. However, I also attempt to shift expectations or assumptions a viewer might have when faced with such literalness. For instance, with my piece KIND I play with tones meant to reference precious objects like bronze statues or commemorative baby shoes. In doing so, I intend to speak about lineage, preservation and valuing the long-term legacies we are part of, whether we consider ourselves a party to them or not.

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