This work was made with hopes of becoming a mother.



Prodding the Universe 2009

Over my bed hangs a small rectangle of aluminum embossed with an image of an infant. This milagro (which literally translates as “miracle” in Spanish) was a wedding gift, given with the hope that it would bring fertility, abundance and prosperity. Milagros are spiritually alive objects. Reciprocal and recursive in their function, they act as both envoys in transmuting hopes and desires, as well as tangible objects reflecting one’s gratitude for those desires, once fulfilled. From the lucky clover leaf to the rabbit’s foot- charms, effigies and talismans have long been revered as “functional” objects used for divining, as well as reminding one of graces granted.

As a culture we are in need. Wishes for a genuine sense of abundance abound. Although this work has a personal component, my hope is that in symbolism it also alludes to desires we each hold. My intent is to provide the user with a small, tactile means to prod the universe (when much seems dismal) for a glimmer of grace.

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